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There were sea routes that covered the Mediterranean , Black Seas , numerous land routes using the roads built by the Romans.

Trade , moving the Roman Army around were the two principle reasons for building roads.

This map reveals the trade routes from ancient Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean world. Roman trade routes map.

The underlined cites were important trade centers.

The ancient peoples of the Sahara imported domesticated animals from Asia between 6000 , 4000 BCE.

Foreign artifacts dating to the 5th millennium BCE in the. Trade , Britannia in the North., Egypt as well as Gaul , Asia Minor , economy in the Roman Empire; In 117 BC, the Roman Empire encompassed the entire Mediterranean region

By the end of the first century B.

There was a great expansion of international trade involving five contiguous powers: the Roman empire, the Parthian empire, the Kushan empire, , the nomadic confederation of the Xiongnu, the Han empire. Rectify Images. Use WorldMap WARP to upload , rectify scanned maps for use in WorldMap.

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